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Wedding Dance Lessons

- You want to "WOW" everyone with a great first dance?


- Or maybe you just want to do something besides swaying back and forth?


- Think you have "two left feet" and dancing is something you only watch on TV?


We will help YOU!


Wedding dance lesons at Beverly Hills Dance Studio by top dance instructors.



Prepare for Your First Dance and Remember It Forever! 


For the wedding package, couples can learn basic figures like turning boxes, under arm turns, and dips that are easy to


lead and follow and piece together naturally while dancing.


Wedding dance lesons at Beverly Hills Dance Studio by top dance instructors.


- Music selection

We have hundreds of wedding songs in our database 

- Choreography

To make that First Dance memorably special, our patient, experienced instructors are easy to work with. We develop a written script for the groom so that he knows exactly what to do.

- Dance instruction

We teach dance to wedding couples, parents, attendants, and guests.  We offer private lessons and to learn or brush up on wedding dances.  

- Recommendations


The earlier you can start dance classes the better, especially if you have little, or no, dance experience as a couple. 12 to 6 months before wedding - start group or private group classes with parents, friends, attendants - this allows you to learn several dances for the reception. Your First Dance can be one of your life's great memories if you allow adequate time to prepare.

We can choreograph your FIRST DANCE to YOUR song! Private lessons are one one one with professional dance teacher teach you quickly and help you gain confidence. Don't fast forward through this memory of your special day - be proud to show it again and again.

Popular wedding dances Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Salsa are the most popular wedding dances -- Blues (Slow Dance), Tango, and Rumba are also popular. Your first dance together, as bride and groom, can be one of the emotional high points of your wedding reception ceremony. The traditional first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance are all focal points of the wedding reception.



Wedding dance lesons at Beverly Hills Dance Studio by top dance instructors.

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